Real Estate Coach, Author, Mentor, Broker

Luke Beard has been in the top 1% of Realtors nationwide for the past 23 years. Luke is the author and creator of some of the top real estate training and success series including the Great 8 Success Series and The Road Map to Success.

Luke has been in Real Estate since 2000 and has personally sold over 2500+ homes with his best year selling 364 homes in just one year!

Luke's excitement for helping others has always been his passion. Shortly after getting into real estate Luke was hired on as a coach at one of the largest brokerages in the world. He's passion to help others still overflows today as he continues to coach agents.


God - Family - Business


Those who put everything in God's hands will eventually see God's hands in everything!


Farming is not just a passion... it's a lifestyle!


If you won't help one, you won't help anyone!

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Being a new Real Estate Agent I was taking on an entrepreneurship. Taking on the process and bearing the risk of designing, launching, and running my new business seemed paralyzing. The Road Map to Success training helped to clarify what steps I needed to take to create an effective strategy for growth and determine what my future financial needs would be. The class helped to break everything down for me into a more manageable, attainable, and achievable goals. By knowing what direction and steps to take I left the class feeling more motivated to succeed


Luke has a great style of coaching and his upbeat positive outlook on life transfers into his lessons. His wonderful energy and positivity pushes me to become a better agent and person!


WOW! I’ve taken a lot of trainings in my life and seminars, and this one is awesome! It’s easy to follow, it’s simple, and the good thing is it’s my plan, not somebody else’s plan, so it’s easy to get done and it’s relevant to me. I recommend this for anybody who wants to take a training as it’s going to help you get your goals and get things done.


I had the pleasure of taking the Road Map to Success class with Luke. It gave me a blueprint of where and how to get my business to become successful and more importantly how to keep it successful and keep me motivated. It was a life changing class indeed!


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